Programs for Financial Services Firms

Why choose Professional Connections?

Verbal Communications Inc’s Professional Connections practice helps financial service firms develop business faster and hold on to clients longer than ever before.  We use a unique multi-disciplinary approach to help the professional develop business and manage clients so these activities use less of the billable day and get better results.

We offer flexible half day seminars for small groups and customized 1:1 coaching. We also offer a series of software products that make business development easier and more efficient.

Our programs target all three critical elements of a successful business development or client management program:

  • An effective, personalized plan.
  • Interpersonal skills coaching required to implement the plan consistently and effectively.
  • The discipline to use the plan.

We’re more experienced than most consultants.  We can work more quickly and with greater impact.  Professional Connections programs are the result of:

  • Tammy’s 25 years of marketing and business development experience that allow her to quickly assess a professional’s or firm’s current activities and recommend those that are likely to get the best results for each professional’s personality and capabilities.
  • Pauline’s 40 years of interpersonal skills coaching that allow her to work with clients quickly, zero in on the key skills they need to develop and teach them to use their new skills immediately.
  • In combination, Pauline and Tammy will customize the overall firm plan to each individual and then help each professional achieve his or her own business development potential

We’re flexible:

  • Large financial services firms whose Marketing Departments already conduct training, along with all other marketing activities, are often stretched thin on resources.  Verbal Communications Inc. can work with the the firm’s marketing leadership to develop a auxiliary curriculum that supports the firm’s overall approach plus includes outsourcing some training programs to Professional Connections.  Results:  the in-house marketing staff will be free to work with key partners on high visibility activities.
  • Mid-sized firms without in-house Marketing Departments may choose to outsource the entire business development and client management training to Verbal Communications Inc.
  • Firms of any size can choose among a variety of cost effective, targeted half day seminars as well as 1:1 coaching services that can be “plugged in” to any existing in-house program.

Creating Relationships That Build Business

Each financial planner in our firm must be capable of creating a sense of trust with the wealthy individuals and business owners we target. Sometimes, the very best professional will communicate a plan in an abrasive manner or seem aloof when the client or prospect most needs their support. Verbal Communications Inc.’s coaching helped us establish trusting relationships with our prospects and clients from the beginning and the impact was immediate.”
– Large Financial Planning Firm

Relationship management is critical to business success. It does not matter whether one is a lawyer, a CPA or a banker, we all still need clients or we won’t have anyone to bill. Increasingly, firms require professionals to develop their own business. If we recognize that clients need us as much as we need them, we can view relationship management success as a set of skills that simply allow us to connect with others with whom we are mutually attracted.

In this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Manage the business development process
  • Understand the client’s decision making process
  • Use the power of relationship management for business development
  • Realize the value of creating a relationship centered business development plan
  • Leverage tools for turning your network into a powerful business development tool
  • Follow the guidelines for asking for business
  • Develop relationship management skills
    – Recognize opportunities
    – Use the concepts of organized listening
    – Avoid emotion packed words and phrases
    – Create the business dossier
    – Apply rules for successful conversations
    – Recognize and respond to different personalities
    – Work with more established professionals
    – Work a room
    – Leverage communities of interestAnd much more

Effective Presentations

Although I have no trouble speaking to a client, it’s different when I’m presenting at an industry conference. Since referrals come from other attorneys and professionals, I need to present myself and my firm as experts. Likewise, a beauty contest can be intimidating. What a difference between my performance before – and after – Verbal Communications Inc. coaching.”
– Large Global Accounting Firm

Giving a confident, organized, interesting presentation that grabs and retains attention is the key to persuading an audience. Verbal Communications Inc. advocates a fresh, unique method to ensure that you command the presentation and that your audience hears – and retains – every message you deliver.  Every time.

In this seminar or during one-on-one coaching, you’ll learn strategies to:

  • Prepare an organized presentation without wasting time and effort
    – Create key messages your audience will remember
    – Adjust your message to your audience
    – Use emotional accelerators
  • Control every part of your presentation
    – Use opening statements that grab audience attention and keep it
    – “Humanize” your presentation by using examples and anecdotes
    – Produce conclusions that leave your audience energized and motivated
    – Read and adjusting to the audience

Team Effectiveness

As a full service accounting firm, we position ourselves as a “one stop shop” for Global 100 Companies, with several practices teaming on major proposals. Frequently, individuals from different disciplines were certain they knew the best approach and couldn’t agree; the process was slow and emotionally draining. Verbal Communications Inc. gave our team members skills that literally turned the process around. Now, team members are able to hear colleagues’ opinions and respond appropriately – a faster and more effective process.”
– Large Global Accounting Firm

Working as a self-managed team can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding things a professional can do. It can make or break your success in day-to-day business management, new business development, new product development and a whole host of other business challenges.

In this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Prepare for effective group meetings
  • Set and gain agreement for meeting objectives
  • Set and maintain time priorities
  • Manage and leverage group dynamics
  • Elect and empower team leaders
  • Control the use of emotion packed words
  • Diagnose and change unwanted or counter-productive group behaviors
  • Establish and maintain an environment where teams can be successful
  • Create a common language that all groups can share