About vci

It’s a fact: Effective interpersonal communications skills can give you the professional edge that business, technical or law school cannot. Whether you need to:

  • Make presentations that close a deal or “wow” Wall Street
  • Work with challenging clients or associates
  • Make connections that pave the way to new business
  • Create and lead motivated teams
  • Enhance executive “presence”

Verbal Communications Inc. offers executive speech coaching so that you will know what to do and how to do it. You will develop personal strategies and gain skills you can immediately apply in order to produce results in your own business. For 40 years, Verbal Communications Inc. has coached thousands of clients to be more successful communicators. Clients have come from all areas of business and professions, including:

  • Senior leadership and key management in major corporations
  • Nationally known speakers
  • Engineers, financial and high tech experts
  • Federal judges and state Supreme Court justices
  • Medical and legal professionals

What do these clearly successful professionals have in common? They choose Verbal Communications Inc. because they value quality. Quite simply, we get results. Our clients learn valuable skills and practice them in realistic situations. They are successful because they gain confidence in an environment of trust and support. We often hear comments like, “I delivered the presentation we worked on and this time it really worked. We got the business!” “For the first time, our team understood how to pull together; it was amazing to see people change.” “Your rifle-shot comments consistently hit the mark; you gave me incredible skills plus coached me on how to use them.”

Repeat business is a key indicator of client satisfaction. Many of Verbal Communications Inc.’s early corporate clients send key executives year after year. Additionally, clients return for additional coaching at different times in their careers because they:

  • Were promoted and are now facing new challenges.
  • Have created new teams.
  • Want to polish an impending presentation.
  • Realize that everyone needs a coach to keep his/her skills sharpened.

Verbal Communications Inc.’s techniques have been featured in newspapers and magazines including Fortune, Harper’s Bazaar, The Dallas Morning News, and International Management and Successful Meetings.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Verbal Communications Inc. coaches have worked with clients in the United States and globally, including Austria, Japan, Morocco, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada.

Seminars and one-on-one coaching are offered in three separate practice areas:

  • Executive Impact – Programs for Business Executives
    – Effective Presentations
    – Leadership Skills
    – Team Effectiveness
    – Influencing Investors
  • Professional Connections – Programs for attorneys, financial services and technical services professionals
    – Targeting for Success
    – Relationship Management for Business Development
    – Effective Presentations
    – Client Management
  • Meeting and Convention Programs
    – Speak the Language of Success (Parts I and II)
    – Effective Presentations: How to be Consistently Successful
    – Team Building in Today’s Challenging World