Presentations Coaching

“I went into the class expecting it would be a very painful experience, and therefore probably good for me. Instead, I found the course to be a lot of fun and very useful. The coach creates a safe and stimulating environment in which to work out some of those bad habits and in their place develop good ones. She’s very interactive and adjusts the class according to the requests and needs of the students. EXTREMELY VALUABLE.”
–Manager, Conoco Phillips

“You showed me how to take my mountain of words, reduce them to what’s most important, grab the audience’s attention, then take them on an exciting journey. I developed an awareness of myself in rapid time. While presenting, I felt you sitting on my shoulder whispering in my left ear too many words, get to the point and give em what you got, it’s not about you, it’s about them!!! What they need to hear rather than my “process” …WOW!”
–Psychologist, Professional Speaker

“I couldn’t believe it was me standing in front of 150 people and having a conversation. All your lessons and my practice paid off. I received the highest scores of all the speakers. What you’ve done for my confidence is amazing.”
–Executive, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Presentations and Team Communications Coaching

“I, of course, owe a debt of gratitude to you. Not just for your contribution this year, but for your many coaching and training sessions over many years. The cumulative effect has benefited both TAC and me greatly and you have made the difference. So many, many thanks…..especially for the continued encouragement I receive from your support.”
–Executive, Tour Andover Controls, Malmö, Sweden

Executive Communications Coaching

“You’ll never really know the importance of what you’ve taught me. I’d spent years climbing the corporate ladder in spite of using really poor communications. Working with you has dramatically changed everything for me. I wish I’d met you fifteen years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
–Manager, Luminant

“This coaching process was well worth the time away from business. Both for my company and for me personally. My ROI is huge. Thanks!”
–IBM Sales Professional

Meetings and Conventions

“I’ve been to many programs at various conventions across the country and yours is rare: It actually gave me information that I could take home and use right away. When can I return for Part II?”
–Convention Participant, American Society of Civil Engineers

“When the lights went out in the Convention Center, anyone else would have told the group to go home. Not our esteemed leader! We could barely see each other but she didn’t bat an eye. She used the blackout to give us a new exercise and kept right on. Now all of us survivors are friends.”
–Convention Participant & American Planning Association

“At my company’s annual meeting, I usually don’t get to see my spouse until late afternoon. But this time, we both got to attend Speak the Language of Success. It was a professional seminar that let us each learn. Not only did we take away important business techniques, it’s going to be good for our marriage. We have a lot to talk about.”
–Convention Participant, American Bar Association