Audience Listening To Presentation At ConferenceEffective Presentations

Giving a confident, organized, interesting presentation that grabs and retains attention is the key to persuading an audience. Verbal Communications Inc. advocates a fresh, unique method to ensure that you command the presentation and that your audience hears – and retains – every message you deliver.  Every time.

Effective presentations are critical to the success of our business’ success, which is why we hired Verbal Communications Inc. to coach each member of a global proposal team who had never previously worked together. Your ability to revise content and visuals while developing each person’s personal style was incredible. You helped create a top-notch team in no time.”
– Fortune 100 Company

In this seminar or during one-on-one coaching, you’ll learn strategies to:

  • Prepare an organized presentation without wasting time and effort
    – Create key messages your audience will remember
    – Adjust your message to your audience
    – Use emotional accelerators
  • Control every part of your presentation
    – Use opening statements that grab, and keep, audience attention and keep it
    – “Humanize” your presentation by using examples and anecdotes
    – Present visual aids that will enhance, not detract from, your message.
    – Produce conclusions that leave your audience energized and motivated
    – Read and adjust to the audience
    – Answer even hostile questions with control and aplomb.

Three businesspeople standing outdoors by building smilingLeadership Skills

This really fine professional communications coach knows how to enhance your skills and create a supportive, functional team atmosphere.

Leadership skills don’t come naturally to everyone. In our case, Verbal Communications Inc. helped one of our aspiring executives change her entire approach to the business environment – her behavior, her attitude, even her appearance.  Everyone noticed and was pleased with her transformation. She was consequently promoted to a high level executive position within eight months.  I would unequivocally recommend this unique company.”

– Fortune 50 Company

Through one-on-one customized coaching, you’ll learn to:

  • Maintain consistent command over communications to get desired results
  • Create a supportive functional team atmosphere
  • Learn to listen – and hear – in an organized manner
  • Project messages with powerful impact
  • Accurately read others’ messages
  • Manage your emotions
  • Motivate others
  • Empower and collaborate vs. command and control

Verbal Communications Inc’s executive communications coaching style is based on years of hands-on experiences with executives from a variety of industries.  Whether you want to polish and refine your existing skills or make major changes, you will receive – and practice – specific techniques to achieve your goals. Equally valuable, you’ll understand when and where to apply them.

Convention GroupMeetings and Conventions

Meeting and convention programs can be deadly dull.  Not yours!  You offer enjoyable, interactive seminars that give people valuable techniques they can use in either their professional or personal lives.  Your programs consistently rank highest of all on our participant feedback.  That’s why we’ve asked you to return so many times.”
– 30,000-Member” Association Executive Director

View a demonstration of a Meeting and Convention program below.

Three Programs: Professionally/personally valuable. Customized. Participatory. Enjoyable (2.5-4 hours)

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • Speak the Language of Success: (Effective Interpersonal Communications Techniques) Request our 6 minute DVD
    – Organized listening, meaningful conversations, motivating, developing cohesive teams, dealing with challenging people. Business attendees, teams and families can all participate equally.
  • Speak the Language of Success Part II: (More Interpersonal Communications Techniques) Request our 6 minute DVD
    – Body language, strategic thinking, creativity, practice using techniques in real life professional situations.
  • The Memorable Speech: (Demystifying Great Public Speaking)
    – Techniques that allow people to consistently give a presentation that grabs – and keeps – the audience’s attention: Strategic content, visual aids, delivery, controlled answers, alleviating fear.

Business presentationTeam Effectiveness

Working as a self-managed team can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding things a professional can do. It can make or break your success in day-to-day business management, new business development, new product development and a whole host of other business challenges.

Team effectiveness can be tricky to achieve. In our company, two of our groups were at each other’s throats. Distrust was rampant, egos were bruised, and hastily spoken words had created barriers. Verbal Communications Inc. came into this costly quagmire and gave us a common language. Cooperation and respect was created out of chaos.  The best part is the results have lasted.  Thank you!”

In this seminar or during one-on-one coaching, you’ll learn strategies to:

  • Prepare for effective group meetings
  • Set and gain agreement for meeting objectives
  • Establish and maintain time priorities
  • Manage and leverage group dynamics
  • Elect and empower team leaders
  • Control the use of emotion packed words
  • Diagnose and change unwanted or counter-productive group behaviors
  • Create and sustain an environment where teams can be successful
  • Create a common language that all groups can share

Business handshake over the dealInfluencing Investors

When presenting to potential investors, you are demonstrating what kind of leader you are as much as giving them key facts and figures. Analysts and investors are generally inundated with information. Many are impatient, bored and cynical – they’ve heard it all and they can be unimpressed by titles or a presenter’s experience level. These are “table stakes”. To get their attention quickly and hold it throughout your presentation is critical. You will generally get only one chance to succeed; the challenge is to make the most of it.

Influencing investors can be nerve wracking. When we tried to sell our company, our COO was unable to present himself in a manner commensurate with his position. Investors were disinterested because he projected insecurity. After you coached him for only a few hours, he spoke with such authority and confidence that reluctant investors became enthusiastic. Many thanks.”
– Mid-Sized Manufacturing Company

Through one-on-one or group coaching, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand what the investor really wants to hear
  • Investigate each potential investor before the presentation so you can tailor your messages to their needs
  • Grab attention and hold it throughout your presentation
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Reduce redundancies
  • Use visual aids that illustrate key points while allowing the investors’ attention to remain on you
  • Balance facts with examples that show your mastery of all elements of your business
  • Control the investor’s questions and interruptions and turn them to your advantage

Business people shaking hands outside officeCreating Relationships That Build Business

Relationship management is critical to business success. It does not matter whether one is a lawyer, a CPA or a banker, we all still need clients or we won’t have anyone to bill. Increasingly, firms require professionals to develop their own business. If we recognize that clients need us as much as we need them, we can view relationship management success as a set of skills that simply allow us to connect with others to whom we are mutually attracted.

“Relationship Management for Business Development has changed the way we do business. Verbal Communications Inc. reminded us that clients still want us to know them and their businesses in a more intimate way – and showed us how to develop those relationships step by step.  Clients really do hire firms they know and trust!”
– AmLaw 100 Firm

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • Manage the business development process
  • Understand the client’s decision making process
  • Use the power of relationship management for business development
  • Realize the value of creating a relationship centered business development plan
  • Leverage tools for turning your network into a powerful business development tool
  • Follow the guidelines for asking for business
  • Develop relationship management skills
    – Recognize opportunities
    – Use the concepts of organized listening
    – Avoid emotion packed words and phrases
    – Create the business dossier
    – Apply rules for successful conversations
    – Recognize and respond to different personalities
    – Work with more established professionals
    – Work a room
    – Leverage communities of interest
  • And much more